TRANSMISSION COMPANY OF NIGERIA (TCN) INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR ORDER NO: TCN/ISO/MO/2019/001 BEFORE THE MARKET OPERATOR, INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR, TRANSMISSION COMPANY OF NIGERIA IN THE MATTER OF NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THE CONDITIONS OF MARKET RULES AND MARKET PARTICIPATION AGREEMENTS. WHEREAS: 1. Eko Electricity Distribution PLC (EKEDC) and the Independent System Operator, on behalf of the Market Operator, entered into a Market Participation Agreement on the 21st of January, 2015. 2. In the signed Market Participation Agreement, EKEDC agreed to at all times be compliant with the provisions of Clause 3.2 reproduced below: · The Participant shall in accordance with the provisions of the Market Rules, Grid Code, Metering Code and the Market Procedures be compliant at all times, particularly by:

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PROVISION OF BLACK START CAPABILITY BY GENERATORS AS ENSHRINED IN THE GRID CODE (GC), MARKET RULES (MR), ANCILLARY SERVICES AGREEMENT (ASA) AND OTHER PROVISIONS CONNECTED THERETO. ...The Grid Code amongst other provisions made Black Start a mandatory Ancillary Services to be contracted by the System Operator. In other words, Generators that are connected to the National Grid must provide Black Start, save for approved derogation. All necessary contracts must be executed (e.g ASA) between the System Operator and Generators for the provision of Black Start Capability. Kindly see sections 17.1.1, 17.2.1, 17.3.1 and 18 of the Grid Code.

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Mr Moshood Saleeman HOW MO CAUSES MARGINAL IMPROVEMENT IN NIGERIA ELECTRICITY MARKET The Nigeria Electricity Market performance has been a cause of concerned to participants and stakeholders in the Power Sector. Eric Ephraim Ene, write on the actions taken so far by the Market Operations (MO), of TCN to address the dwindling fortune of the market.

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  The policy is aimed at achieving the following for the industry capacity and load growth and Improving Market Liquidity.The Strategy is to allow for power purchase by Eligible Customers from Generators with un contracted Capacities through bilateral contracts. For this policy to be effectively implemented at this stage of the Market, the following are required; Development of Balancing Mechanism by MO and participants, to be approved by the Commission and amendment of the MR to allow for Bilateral Contract at this stage of the Market.(MR sections 20.1.4&20.1.5) More

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