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Market Operations Overview

The Market operations has the following performance objectives:

  • Provide a framework for an efficient, competitive, transparent and reliable wholesale electricity market.
  • Set out the responsibilities of participants, the TSP, the System Operator and the Market Operator in relation to trading, co-ordination, dispatch and contract nomination, pricing of imbalances and ancillary services, metering, settlements and payments.
  • Set out the operation and pricing system of the Balancing Market.
  • Ensure an efficient, transparent and predictable settlement system and set out the payment obligations.
  • Establish a governance mechanism and a market monitoring system.
  • Provide a framework for resolution of disputes amongst participants on one hand and the System Operator or the Market Operator on the other, on matters relating to the Market Rules and the Grid Code.
  • Provide an efficient and transparent process for amending the Market Rules and the Grid Code.

Technical Data Administration Department

  • Define the technical specification for the commercial meters
  • Ensure that each Trading point has the required Commercial Metering System (meter registration)
  • Collect, validate and complete meter readings on a monthly basis

Commercial Reconciliation Department

  • Process monthly settlement, including energy bought and sold between Discos, Gencos and IPPs, Transmission Usage charges, and other services e.g. NERC, MO, SO etc
  • Administration of Participants complaints to settlement statements
  • Update the settlement data base
  • Prepare monthly commercial reconciliation report

Treasury Department

  • Approval of Participants Bank Account
  • Administration of the transfer system for market payments, Market Accounts, including Clearing Accounts ,Prepares and monitor annual budget of Market operations, Interacts with Banks on behalf of the Market operations
  • Records all incomes and expenditures of Market operations, Prepares monthly accounting and financial reports

Audit Department

  • Prepare long and short term internal audit plans
  • Ensure periodic audits of the Market Operations, review of Market operations expenditures, accounting procedures, data management quality and security controls

Information Technology Department

  • Develop and maintain Market operations’ software, hardware, Network , website and ensure data integrity and control
  • Provide technical support and training where necessary·
  • Prepare IT budget for management

Market Development And Business Analysis Department
The Market Development and Business analysis Division is responsible for the administration of the Industry Database as well as the Market Research & Development activities. The Division also coordinates the production of various reports and the development/Implementation of Performance measurement Schemes for the Industry.

Regulatory Affairs and Stakeholders’ Relations Department

  • Propose for approval, especially in the Market Procedures from NERC.
  • Ensure compliance with regulation in Market Operations as spelt out in the Market Rules and Market Procedures.
  • Monitor the policy and regulatory environment for potential changes that affect the market. Provide Stakeholder Committees with information to guide their decisions.
  • Maintain liaison and dialogue with market participants and interface with the Ministry regarding implications for the Market policy proposals.
  • Coordinate amendments to the Market Rules & Market Procedures.

Human Resources Department

  • Interpretation and implementation of HR policies, management of Staff records, Welfare and Disciplinary functions. Recruitment, Increments and Promotions.
  • Preparation of official works order, Procurement of office stationery etc
  • Staff appraisal and performance evaluation.
  • Employee / Industrial relations – relationship with NUEE, SSA
  • Staff training i.e. Local & International courses, workshops, etc

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