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Off-grid supply, way out of power crisis  The Nation P.28

In an interview with the Nation Newspaper, the former Executive Director of National Independent Power Projects (NIPPs), and the current Executive Vice Chairman of Green Elect, Dr. Albert Okorogu, has urged the Federal Government to provide incentives to investors to harness the alternative energy sector’s potential to boost off-grid power supply. Mr Okorogu suggested that 8,000

out of 20,000 tons of biomass produced in Lagos should be used to generate three MW of electricity, while diesel, wax or water from faeces can also be used to generate electricity.


He further explained that Nigeria which has a population of 170 million people, must generate between 160,000 and 170,000 MW of electricity to achieve the desired growth, and when this happens, the country can claim sufficiency in the area of power supply.

Fed Govt underpays GenCos by over N30b monthly Nation P.19

According to the report, the Federal Government underpays power generation companies (GenCos) by over 70 per cent (about N30billion) for their services, thereby compounding their financial woes. Dr. Joy Ogaji the Executive Secretary, Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC), has recommended that the best way the government can make the power sector efficient is to substantially improve liquidity in the sector by paying the debts owed the sector.  She further said the government should ensure prompt payment of debts by MDAs, to enable the power sector improve services substantially

Power consumers grumble despite rise in generation  Punch  P.28

The paper disclosed that individual electricity consumers as well as different consumer groups across the country have condemned the recent pronouncement on the rise in power generation by the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola. In Lagos, Cross River and Imo states, as well as other states across the country, the reactions of consumers with respect to power supply were the same: no electricity! According to them, the rise in power generation above 4,000MW has yet to translate into physical supply of electricity to households and businesses, as they argued that Nigeria’s power situation was still very poor

DisCos ripping off electricity consumers with crazy bills –Don   Daily Sun p.26

According to the paper, the former Dean, Faculty of Engineering University of Lagos (UNILAG), Prof. Sanmbo Balogun, has accused the various power distribution companies in the country of ripping off electricity consumers with crazy bills despite the current erratic supply to homes and industries. Mr. Balogun spoke at the 5th distinguished lecture of Faculty of Engineering of UNILAG. He said electricity bills are crazier than before, while the various power distribution companies are mounting a strong campaign to justify the obvious rip-off.  He further explained that the poor and inefficient power generation, transmission and distribution had defied solution for almost 20 years, despite the heavy financial provisions for electric power development during the period.

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